What We Do and How We Think

Our Services Grid

At GBSales, we’ve created our own Four Square methodology that provides the underpinning of our service. Individually, each square represents an integral component with the top two representing the Primary components and the bottom two the Secondary. As a whole, they work together in the most appropriate way toward achieving optimal outcomes.

New Customer Acquisition

New Customer AcquisitionRegardless of who the customer is, whether a dealer, distributor or consumer, there are some fundamental principles that always apply. First and foremost, we must deliver a win/win experience. Anything short of that is ultimately not sustainable.

Second, we must strive to keep things as simple as possible wherever possible. That’s why we look at any appropriate opportunity to invoke what we call Resimplification. It’s exactly what it sounds like and it’s not always easy. It turns out that making things more complicated than they need to be is relatively easy for many of us. However, the simpler things are, the easier it is to make better decisions. It’s about clarity.

Third is communication and process. That’s where our decades of marketing, media, and management come into play. We have the knowledge and experience to evaluate existing processes, messaging, and tactics for effectiveness and improved profitability. We have the skills and talent it takes to close new and incremental business.

Existing Customer Management

Existing Customer ManagementWe view customer relationship management as a combination of trust, performance, and value. It’s part of the bigger win/win experience and similarly, if you falter in any of those areas, the relationship suffers and may ultimately fail.

When we assume the management of existing sales relationships, we must:

  • Establish initial trust, which requires listening, learning, and thoughtful communication.
  • Perform our functional activities as efficiently and effectively as possible.
  • Deliver the best value for value exchange we possibly can in a mutually beneficial way.

When we take on this responsibility, it is critically important to ensure that, not only is the existing relationship continued seamlessly, but ultimately enhanced wherever possible. To do this, we take the time to understand account histories and behaviors that can influence future decisions.

It’s important to note that our Existing Customer Management efforts are most helpful when they allow companies to refocus that time and energy on their core competencies resulting in more profitable outcomes across the board.

Marketing Communications Support

Marketing Communications SupportWith these optional addon services to our Sales program, we are uniquely equipped to provide a wide range of marketing and media support benefits to your business through our GUITARpr division that has served hundreds of guitar-related clients in its 15-year history.

Because our goal is to grow sales, we always look at and assess the current state of such things as:

  • Product presentation
  • Market strategy and messaging
  • Tactical approaches

Wherever we see potential improvements related to profitable revenue growth, we can suggest and implement a number of professional grade solutions as needed at the highest level, such as:

  • Strategic planning
  • Market messaging
  • Media release and outreach services
  • Collateral materials development

And best of all, we can do all of this synergistically and in concert with sales goals and objectives.

Digital Media Integration

Digital Media IntegrationWe can provide high-quality digital media services at just about any level of involvement. We’ve been active in this space since nearly the beginning of the Web in the mid-nineties. Our capabilities are broad and cover creative processes all the way to technical implementations as needed.

A few of the specific areas we’ve been engaged in for a long time are:

  • WordPress development and management, including assessment, renovation, and new construction as well
  • Email Marketing through our high-powered ESP platform, Noozmail
  • Social Media intervention where applicable

We integrate these services where appropriate with our marketing communications efforts using this simple and effective formula for success:

  • Capture the attention
  • Convey the message
  • Compel the action

As some of you already know, we call that The 3 C’s of Marketing & Media. Check each of those boxes and you dramatically increase your odds of achieving a positive outcome.

Learn more about our Value-Based Second Opinions. Interested in finding out how GBSales can improve your sales flow? Contact us today to set up a Zoom or phone call to explore the win/win possibilities.