After 15 years of serving guitar-related business clients of all kinds with a variety of marketing, media, PR, and sales consulting services, we’ve taken the next logical step. We’re happy to introduce you to Guitar Business Sales, a different kind of sales organization with a unique array of support services available from a trusted resource, GUITARpr.

For smaller-sized companies who find that it makes sense to outsource some or all of their sales activities, Guitar Business Sales may be the cost-effective answer.

With literally decades in marketing and sales management, we offer a level of skill, talent, knowledge, and experience that can help grow your business in a profitable and mutually beneficial way.

We strive to keep things simple. Here are the primary areas of our Four Square Methodology where we can work together:

  • New customer acquisition (dealers, distributors, consumers)
  • Existing customer management and optimization
  • Marketing communications support
  • Digital media integration

These four threaded areas form the foundation upon which we build lasting and productive relationships with clients and customers.

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Jeffrey D Brown

Guitar Business Sales was created by GUITARpr founder, Jeffrey D Brown. His extensive media, marketing, and sales career in music, publishing, events, and the guitar universe has provided the foundational direction for this venture and others.

He has been the host of the unique podcast, Guitar Business Radio since 2018 and his company has provided a wide range of related services to literally hundreds of guitar-related businesses around the globe for the last 15 years.