Your Opinion is usually First.
We provide the Second.

As a small business operator, you’ve likely built it from the ground up. You know it better than anyone else. But none of us has all the answers. And there’s always more to learn.

Guitar Business Sales and GUITARpr provide a thoughtful array of Value-Based Second Opinions.

We share our knowledge and experience in a number of key areas with you to help clarify the way you think about your business.

We utilize our talent and skills to create and implement efficient and effective solutions to increase profitable sales and support longer term growth.

Everything else flows from that.

Our Simple Approach

We’re big advocates for simplicity. This is what we do for our clients:

  1. Analysis
    What you have. What you’ve done. Where you’re going.
  2. Recommendations
    What you can do. What we can do.
  3. Implementation
    Convert recommendations to action. Make it happen.
  4. Management
    Keep it going in the right direction.

We’ll generally do the first two steps for free. To get started…